Chewing gum litters urban areas, countryside areas and campuses throughout the world. It's unsightly, costs a fortune to remove and also harms wildlife.

So far it has been tackled with various solutions; from modified street furniture to full street lamination. However, the problem persists and we believe that the personal gum solution is the way forward as a cost effective method to preventing gum litter and informing the habits of gum users.

The new Gum Tidy from boodi is perhaps the most convenient and eco-friendly way to dispose of chewing gum. It is also a great way to communicate with gum users and prevent chewing gum from becoming litter. Our design shown above can be purchased from us, or you can have your own design printed.

Quick disposal

The majority of gum users want to discard their chewing gum as quickly as possible when it becomes tasteless. The sticky nature of gum means quick disposal is imperative - whether that's dropping it or disposing of it into a litter bin. However, the thought of the gum sticking to fingers while trying to throw it into a bin is enough to deter many gum chewers from attempting to bin their gum. The Gum Tidy caters for this majority.

Prevent gum litter

Gum Tidy personal gum litter solutionAny council, national park, college/ university or organisation that wants to prevent gum litter and communicate with gum users can do so with the boodi Gum Tidy. It's so easy to use; you simply open it up, stick your gum onto one of the spots and then close it with the secure fastener. No need for gum paper and no bulk to carry in your pocket or bag - the Gum Tidy is very compact and pocketable.

Printing on the Gum Tidy

Anything is possible here. You can print on both the outside and inside for communication and promotion/ advertising. Perhaps have coloured dots printed inside to designate places to park your gum, or have a little, 'Thank you for putting your gum here' message - it's entirely up to you!

By having your own design printed, you can make it whatever colour you want and customise it with your own messages. Use the form on the right to contact us for a quote or email

General benefits

  • Designed to be easy and discreet to use
  • Can be printed entirely with your artwork and messages
  • Small enough for a pocket or handbag
  • Holds used gum securely
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable

More information...

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